Challenge The Body & Mind.

It takes a certain something to challenge the body, it takes a certain amount of effort to get out of the sustained comfort we’ve all been conditioned to achieve.

It’s time to challenge the body, expose it to the elements and our natural environment.

Get rid of the confusing s**t around your daily life, for your own health, happiness and strength. Connect with the freedom of being outdoors!

Science and evolution is thankfully now pointing it out more than ever. It’s time for a change and staying indoors in a temperature controlled environment and striving for permanent comfort isn’t doing us any favours.

Obesity, depression, stress, diabetes and a lower immunity amongst others is on the increase.

You’ve got to expose your body to the beauty of what it’s capable of and more importantly what’s it’s designed for.

Get up, get moving and get outside, your body and mind is truly craving it.

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