The NEAT Way To Burn Calories

Increase your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) to burn more Calories.

Exercising, a Healthy Well Balanced Diet and getting a good night’s Sleep are some of the most important factors to implement when undertaking an effective weight loss strategy.

But, and this is a big but. Be aware of substituting all the hard work you’ve put in by creating additional downtime.

Additional downtime could be the reason you are not seeing the results you want even though you are working hard on your exercise and nutrition.

Your NEAT is the activity you do daily e.g. walking, showering, cooking, cleaning, tidying, fidgeting, basically every movement your body makes when not sleeping or exercising.

Ever wondered why some people just seem to be able to eat loads and never put any weight on, one answer could be that they are basically just moving about more. NEAT can vary from person to person by a few hundred kcal for a sedentary individual to a few thousand kcal for a highly active person.

Exercise isn’t just about a class or a session you attend 2, 3, 4 times a week. It’s also about how active you are the rest of the time.

Keep moving as much as you can, try not to compensate and reward an exercise session with extra rest, keep at your usual daily activities, tasks and maybe even think about increasing them especially if you’re at a desk all day or sitting for long periods of time.

You can track you daily activity levels very easily by investing in something as simple as a step counter all the way up to a state of the art fitness tracker.

The possibilities for increasing your NEAT are endless and need to be considered and managed when forming part of any fat loss or fitness goal.


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