5 Easy Rules For Fat Loss Success



If the dieting worked you’d only need to do it once?


1. READY and WILLING – Are you ready to take the plunge and commit wholeheartedly, if not then it’s just not going to work. You’re probably scared and thinking it’s just going to be too difficult. Failing before you’ve even started.

Make a plan and look at what’s getting in your way, is it time, work commitments, family commitments, friends, colleagues, fear of failure, fear of change, confidence, disability, illness etc.. What can you do to change or manage these distractions, lots of people have succeeded in fat loss and kept it off from making plans so why can’t you.


2. PLAN – You’re more likely to succeed if you plan ahead. What do I want to achieve? How can I achieve it, how long is it going to take me? What do I do if I need to change the plan? I’ve got to work, there’s a party coming up, no sitter, a crisis may happen, your stressed or anxious. If you plan for every eventuality you can think of and have in place an alternative to keep you on track, you’re less likely to feel you’ve failed and give up.

Get to pen and paper and make a plan, if it’s broken you’ll have an alternative to bring into play. Life always brings the best of us challenges that interrupt our lives, good and bad. It’s knowing how to implement a strategy to cope with them and understanding that it’s OK to go off track now and then.


3. UNDERSTAND FAT LOSS – Fat loss is the ability to tap into the bodies determined ability for homeostasis (staying the same and in balance). Your body is hard wired for the status quo and to lose fat you’re going to have to realise that there is no fast solution. A negative energy balance for weeks, months and even years is what’s required not just in minutes and hours.
Sure we can all certainly lose weight by starving ourselves but we’re not necessarily losing fat, it’s more than likely water and how long realistically could you sustain starving yourself for?

What usually happens is you’ll lose weight initially, then the bodies metabolism starts to slow down, your blood glucose is pretty low too, you’ll begin to lose weight from your muscles, and they’ll be all sorts of hormonal and chemical responces going on in the body that will stop you losing any more.

You’re probably on a slippery slope to revert back to eating as you did before.

Have you changed anything and what have you learnt? Possibly that it’s just too difficult! An unhealthy relationship with food could be forming or advancing. The weight will pile back on.


4. PATIENCE – We all know that the most healthy way to lose weight is roughly 1-2lbs per week eating a well balanced diet and exercising. It’s not very exciting though is it and the quick fix solution is much more appealing? If you want to lose a stone 14lbs, then it’s going to take on average roughly 7 – 14 weeks. I say roughly because we’re all different and there’s no set time frame. Slow and Steady wins!

Small achievable goals that are measured and managed for weeks and months is what’s going to ultimately help you.


5. SUPPORT – Remember you’re not alone, there are millions of people in the U.K. who want to lose weight. A report taken in 2014 highlighted that a staggering 65% of women have tried to lose weight.

Get help, whether it be the family, a friend, a group of friends, an exercise group or your GP. Don’t be ashamed of wanting to lose weight, surround yourself with people who can help.



Being overweight is not a choice it’s a consequence of your actions. Knowing what these are and making changes will help you in achieving sustainable fat loss and ultimately leading you to a healthier and happy life.





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