Managing Hunger

DesignBeing hungry is a natural part of life!

If you think that being hungry is bad, please stop! If you think you’ve failed at your diet because you’re hungry, you haven’t!

It’s a completely normal feeling caused by complex interactions between your gut hormones, nerves and your brain.


Being hungry is normal, particularly when you are losing fat. Losing fat involves being in a calorie deficit, and it’s normal to feel hungry from time to time when your body realises that it is not getting enough calories to maintain your current body weight.

Instead of thinking that hunger means the diets failed. You
can learn to live with it and it will pass. It’s not good to become ravenously hungry though.

Here are some tips for keeping hunger at bay.

1 – Understand it’s ok to feel hungry when trying to lose weight.

2 – Try not to restrict you calories drastically, it can have a negative affect.

3 – Eat mindfully and chew your food, take your time appreciating the taste, smell and texture.

4 – Eat the foods you enjoy. Moderation is really key here. Try not to get rid of a food you enjoy, just be aware of the amounts your consuming. If you know you’re overeating a favourite try and reduce it.

5 – Foods that you consume with Protein and Fibre will help you feel fuller for longer. Women tend not to eat the recommended 30g of Fibre a day and evidence provides us with the knowledge that increasing your protein intake throughout the day above the recommended daily values for women will help with weight loss.

6 – Hydration and sleep are often overlooked but very important in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Are you sure you’re getting enough?

7 – Find like minded people. If you surround yourself with others who are more attuned to the struggles you maybe having, It’s a great support to have and that person or group of people can have a huge impact in helping you stay on track.

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