IMG_3716New Years resolutions have been given a lot of bad press over the years, because most people find them difficult to stick to and apparently fail from setting high expectations and unrealistic goals. A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person decides to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or to improve their life.

For most the New Year is a chance to reflect over the past and often a chance of a fresh start.

Those of you who’d like to accomplish a personal goal I’m sure you already know what you must do, you’ve possibly been thinking about it for a very long time and are hesitating from doing so, waiting for the write time.

There is absolutely no reason to stop yourself from starting now or at any other time in your life.

Here’s some tips that can help you succeed and ultimately kick the ass out of those doubters including yourself.

PLAN – If you have a goal, what is it, what are you going to do and how are you going to achieve it. Write it down.

Without a plan are you just bumbling along, hoping for the best. Would you run a marathon, cook a new meal or teach a child to read without a plan?

LITTLE THINGS – It’s about the little things, the small changes you can make which may seem insignificant and boring, the new realistic habits you can form from these little things can have a huge impact.

DISCIPLINE – The desire to commit to never giving up. Making your goal a Top Priority. Implementing and following your plan.

LEARN – You will make mistakes and you will fail, everyone does. Those who succeed don’t let fear or failure get in the way. They don’t quit!

Learn from your mistakes because they will make you stronger.

CONSISTENCY – Keep trying daily, not just mon, tues, wed but every day.

IGNORE DISTRACTIONS – You will experience doubters and negativity from others in your desire for success. These are the situations that will harm you and you should try to avoid them or at the least ignore them and that includes social media and media of any kind where negativity is promoted. Choose to surround yourself with positivity.

DAILY – First thing in the morning and last thing at night take a little time just for you to visualise, affirm and remember your goals. Forget all the distractions for that moment. It’s important!

PATIENCE – Know that it takes time and hard work but equally know that by implementing the above, PLAN, LITTLE THINGS, DISCIPLINE, LEARN, CONSISTENCY and DAILY you can SUCCEED!

You have the power to choose and make the changes needed. The choices you make now and each day thereafter will ultimately help you with whatever goal you have.


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