Not Seeing Results?

If you’re not seeing results, it’s time to reassess and not give up!

Here’s some reasons why you might not be seeing the results you’d hope’d for.

1. You could have reduced spontaneous activity your NEAT (you moved less after exercising).

2. You subconsciously ate more to compensate for the extra activity (this happens).

3. You’re trying too hard – if you’ve combined extra activity with a diet that’s restricting your calorie intake severely your metabolism will slow down causing your body to use muscle for energy. The lower your muscle mass the slower your metabolism.

4. You’re not fuelling the body. You need to fuel the body appropriately with fat, carbs and protein. A well balanced diet and portion control will provide you with this.

5. You’re rewarding yourself consciously or subconsciously with food or rest after a hard and challenging session. (this happens a lot, see note 2 and 3).

6. You could have fallen into the all or nothing scenario. Setting yourself up to do too much and having high expectations.

Firstly consider how you’re assessing your results, do you have a plan, do you have small achievable goals that you can monitor, how are you monitoring them.

Don’t give up, reassess your goals. Be aware of your activity levels and nutrition. Make small changes if needed. Give it time, it might take longer than you think. The extremity of anything will always determine the outcome.

Be patient! You will get there! πŸ’•πŸ‘



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