5 Goals You Could Be Making

I think goals are very important. One of the first things I ask prospective clients is what is that they want to achieve.

Goals can be broken down into more specific, manageable and smaller goals, that can help motivate and lead us into new habits over time and eventually success!


Try to make increasing your activity levels an important part of your routine.

Spending an hour exercising when you may be sitting down the rest of the day won’t be optimal! Try to keep it a top priority and look to self assess how active you are throughout the day.

Self assess and monitor what it is that’s getting in the way.

These seem to be the most popular barriers when it comes to keeping on track and by no means the only ones:

Time – What time can you give to being active throughout the day? Could you focus on introducing any of these examples:

  • Walking to work, the shops, school etc
  • Parking the car further away from your destination and walking the remaining.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Breaking your sitting time at work eg stand when talking on the phone, take regular breaks from sitting such as a simple timer or alert to take a walk around the office.

You can find the time!

Food choices – Deep down you will already know what’s contributing and getting in the way. Be honest with yourself and start to make different choices. You don’t need to stop eating the foods you enjoy, you can just refresh your current choices. Equally be honest with me as your potential coach, I’m not here to judge, I help you look at what it is that triggers these choices and how best you could manage them. Is it stress related, a habit, an emotional or environmental factor?

Seek support from those who can help you.

Friends and family that will be positive and maybe even join you on your journey but equally don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Try and stay away from Negativity.

The people who maybe don’t understand, or the environments you frequent that can harm your progress.

Keep going!

With all the will in the world you will possibly make mistakes, events will come up where even with the best intentions you may find it a struggle. I help you to see them not as mistakes just lessons that you can learn from.

Be Patient!

Possibly one of the hardest goals to follow through. If you can be patient and realise that it takes time to adjust to anything new and implement the above then you’ll be on the road to having a much more enjoyable journey!

I focus on helping women to achieve their goals and enjoy the process. A lifestyle change that can be sustained and maintained!

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