Frequently asked questions

What to wear? Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, I recommend layering your clothing, something you can take off and put back on easily. Trainers are a must preferably not fashion trainers, something with grips and good support. The weather will play a part in what you choose to wear e.g sun hat, waterproof, gloves.

What to bring? Water bottle – you may need to hydrate through the session and after.

I’m not used to exercise, will I be OK? Yes. A majority of Boot Camp ladies have been new to exercise and as long as you have no health concerns then you will have no problem. You have the opportunity to work as hard as you feel and rest when you need, I give rest periods throughout and you will have the opportunity to speak to me about any concerns you have.

I’m a bit embarrassed about how unfit I am and if I will fit in? This is only natural, I can assure you most women feel the same. Each session is conducted in a group environment but the nature of the sessions require you to do the best you can. I emphasise to all my Ladies that you are only ever competing with yourself. You will be joining a group of women who all want to better themselves for whatever reason, encouragement with like minded women is offered abundantly.

Will you shout at me? I never shout at anyone, when I say I never shout, I do raise my voice a little but only ever in the context of encouragement and instruction.

What if I can’t make a session or miss one? Due to the busy nature of our lives and family commitments, these things happen, please don’t worry, just come back to us the following session. I can also give you a session to do at home if you are worried about missing out. I also offer advice and ongoing support throughout the Boot Camp if you require.

I have an old injury that I’m worried about? Let me know about it before you start, if you are overly concerned about it please consult with your doctor before commencing Boot Camp.

What if I can’t do a specific exercise? My Boot Camps are kept small to ensure that I can accommodate individual needs, each individual is observed to ensure the exercises are carried out correctly, preventing poor technique and injury whilst optimising the best from you. Adaptions are made wear necessary.

What if I don’t like it? You have the option at the two week point to request a cancellation where I will refund your payment without question.

My Boot Camps are about DETERMINATION and COMMITMENT, as with anything these are paramount when trying to achieve whatever goal you have and I encourage this throughout. If you need any help or advice along the way please let me know.

If you have a specific question, please get in touch.

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