Beginners Running Course

The Beginners Running Course for January 2020 is available to book NOW.

10 Week Course.

Wednesdays, 7.15pm, Fradley Memorial, Lichfield (opposite The Village Hall, WS13 8NL).

Wednesday 15th January – 25th March 2020 (No session 18th Feb Half Term).

Suitable for those in general good health, complete beginner and new to running or those of you wanting to get back into it.

A gradual progression from walking to running in a fun and friendly environment with like minded women.

Join us and begin your journey of experiencing the best and most time efficient exercise around.

Requirements – That you can walk briskly for 30 mins, have determination and a commitment to challenge yourself and achieve. (Contact me if you have any medical conditions)

Bookings being taken NOW!(Scroll down to find running course from the drop down menu)

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Tonight I completed the 10wk beginners course. Never in a million years did I think the girl who used to catch the bus to get round the school cross country would be able to run. Emma is an inspiration to us all and you really should believe her when she tells you in wk1 that you will do it. I’d encourage any lady sat at home to give it a go. If I can do it anyone can and you make some great friends along the way. Come and join us!! “

Michelle Hey

” After a very indulgent Christmas a few years ago I decided to get off my butt! When I first started I was nervous and anxious, I didn’t know anyone and honestly didn’t know if id complete the course and be able to run 5k! Fast forward 4 year and I love running!! I love the ‘me time’ and the chance to clear my mind and de-stress, but what I love most is the wonderful friendships I have made and how everyone wills each other along. I ran 10 miles not long ago……….whodathunkit!! “

Nicky Douglas.


” I was absolutely petrified when I signed up, my husband laughed when I left the house as it was snowing and we both thought I would not be fit enough and that it would be really clicky – how wrong was I!! I actually joined not because I wanted to run but to meet ladies as I was new to the village. It’s the best thing I could have done xx “

Vicki Bailey.


” Fantastic support from Emma and all the runners. Super pleased to have completed the 10 week course. I could run the distance before but always walked a bit….not anymore. Brilliant encouragement, different routes, practice tips and lots of laughs. Its been great getting to know everyone too. Thanks Emma! “

Hannah Ellis.

” Being part of a group of lady runners of mixed ages and ability, keeping fit in the fresh air, feeling safe running outdoors, even at night, are a few reasons why I have joined Fradley Ladies. Emma is inspiring, motivating and knows all about getting fit. She is patient, professional, encouraging and easy to talk to. A big thanks to Emma and her team, and all the other ladies I have met through this group!

Viv Bonner



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