Psychometric Testing

DesignAre you wanting to lose weight but struggling and finding it too difficult?

Have you been on many diets, tried to lose weight. Lost it initially only to then find you’ve put it back on?

The answer may lie in the behaviours surrounding your habits and emotions and this could be sabotaging all your efforts.

Would you like to know if you’re Psychologically ready to lose weight?

If so I’m offering a variety of Psychometric tests specifically designed for weight loss (not as scary as you think) an analysis of your results and a home consultation to discuss them as part of my 1-1 Training Packages if you wish or as a stand alone consultation.

Unfortunately for many consciously wanting to change dietary habits and activity levels has been researched and demonstrated to not always be the case.

The psychometric tests I’ll be using get into the subconscious areas of the brain that we are not aware of. This is invaluable because you are accessing your TRUE self.

If you are not truly ready to lose weight, for whatever reason, fear, restriction etc there is a very good chance that ultimately you will drop out of whatever programme you are following and not lose very much weight.

I will be using these tests as part of my commitment to you, in order to obtain information on your readiness to change, how you feel about nutrition and activity and ultimately identifying and working out together the best way for you to achieve weight loss success even if you aren’t yet ready.

The success with this type of screening is growing as more health professions around the world are seeing the benefits and success it’s having with weight loss.

If you’d like the opportunity to have a look at these tests or want to know more about it, please get in touch.

Cost £40.00

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