This is such an amazing group, I was very nervous about starting but after talking to Emma over the phone, she put me at ease. I haven’t exercised for a very long time and have always felt very intimidated by the thought of joining a gym, I did try it but found it all too much. I enjoy the Boot Camps as they have provided me with the opportunity to feel good about myself, Emma has been very willing to go above and beyond in her assurances that it’s doing me the world of good. I can’t say it’s easy or believed her at the time, but I’ve attended every session even when it’s raining, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight and I have another week to go. Emma has the tendency to push you a little further. I now enjoy personal training sessions with Emma and wish that I could attend her Boot Camp again but my work and family commitments dictate otherwise. If you are thinking about doing anything with Emma, all I can say is you won’t regret it.

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