For anyone who is thinking about joining, DO IT.

Seriously it doesn’t matter what size you are, what fitness level you are, you can run or not none of it matters all you need is to turn up and keep going every week for 10 weeks.
I did and tonight I ran over 3miles without stoping.

I’m not a natural runner at all, but I met an awesome bunch of ladies, dropped a dress size, made new friends and got fitter in the process.

It’s hard at times but it wouldn’t be worth doing if it wasn’t.
If you want to try it out sign up, turn up and keep going every Wednesday and you will end up doing what I’m doing tonight, sitting with the biggest grin on your face, telling everyone You can, how You, have just ran over 3miles.
Plus you will feel amazing.

Emma is a fantastic coach, positive, encouraging and keeps you focused when you really want to give up.
I’m so chuffed I think I’ll be smiling in my sleep X X

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